Education: HEC Montréal, ESSEC Paris

Why Naos?

After a few years in consulting in France, I wanted to work in a firm using original methods to propose innovative solutions for companies focused on Africa.

In addition to meeting all these criteria, Naos’ human-sized structure facilitates group cohesion and the empowerment of its consultants.


Education: ISCAE Casablanca

Why Naos?

NAOS consulting is more than a consulting firm, it’s a family. Because of its human size NAOS offers a reassuring atmosphere and a quick empowerment of the consultants. I wanted to join a structure that would allow me to learn quickly, while remaining in a pleasant environment. I also appreciate the diversity of the missions, which cover all sectors of activity.


Education: ISEP Paris, ESCP Paris

Why Naos?

For me, working with Naos is above all a human experience: a dynamic, professional team, dedicated to bringing pragmatic and operational solutions to all its clients.

Ghali Tagemouati

Education: Diplômé de Grenoble École de Management (Maroc)

Why Naos?

The opportunity to embark on a new human experience was a great experience for me when I first joined Naos. The firm has a culture where you quickly feel a responsibility and where every new assignment is an excellent opportunity to open up a whole new world of possibilities.


Education: École Nationale de Commerce et de Gestion de Kénitra

Why Naos?

Joining Naos was for me the opportunity to embark on an unprecedented human experience. The firm has a structure in which we are quickly empowered and where each new assignment is the opportunity to open up to a whole world of possibilities. In short, for me Naos is advice with a strong human dimension.

Abdelfettah Khoubban

Education: Diplômé de l’ISCAE (Maroc)

Why Naos?

Every day, I embark on a journey of continuous learning, while shaping the strategic future of Morocco and our African continent. I see NAOS more than a mission. It’s an exciting journey with an exceptional team, combining expertise and humanity, in the dynamic Moroccan context.

Fatoumata Cissé

Education: Diplômée de l’ISCAE (Mali)

Why Naos?

Joining Naos has given me the opportunity to join a passionate and experienced team, in a dynamic environment that provides a framework for continuous learning and growth.

EMINES – Université Mohammed VI Polytechnique (Maroc)
Mustapha Amine

Education: EMINES – Université Mohammed VI Polytechnique

Why Naos?

I was very happy, joining Naos Consulting after technical experiences, to be able to continue to evolve in complex and stimulating environments on a daily basis by working on a wide variety of issues. Thanks to the team spirit and the human values ​​advocated by the firm, there is to learn from each and every mission, which represents an opportunity for personal enrichment and growth at NAOS.

Bouraima Traoré

Education: Diplômé de l’ISCAE (Mali)

Why Naos?

As a human-sized firm, Naos offers a working environment that favours both learning and developing skills with a passionate and dynamic team, particularly direct contact with top management. The diversity of the missions I’ve worked on, in sectors as varied as agri-food, tourism, etc., has enabled me to develop professional versatility and acquire expertise in different fields.

Hajar Belayd

Education: Diplômée EMINES (Maroc)

Why Naos?

NAOS Consulting is an environment where learning opportunities are abundant. It’s a place that inspires me to grow, to learn continuously, and to become the best version of myself.

Oumayma Ben Ameur

Education: Diplômée ISCAE (Tunisie)

Why Naos?

Working with Naos is a unique opportunity for me to make a real difference at national and regional level, with a stimulating diversity of sectors. Naos is a team of experts, united and passionate.