Naos helps you adopt

an enlightened and unbiased vision

on the sector in which you plan to invest

Due diligence sectoral

Assess the competitive environment, market outlook and business model in various sectors as part of the growth strategy of players seeking to position themselves in a new sector

Strategic M&A opportunity due diligence

  • Providing real added value in risk assessment and target analysis (including 360° diagnosis of the sector and the target, financial valuation elements, transaction structuring)
  • Strengthen the equity-story and carry out strategic reviews and vendor due diligence during disposal transactions

Examples of recent achievements

Strategic due diligence for ~5 regional players, engaged in external growth plans (Banking, Insurance, Asset Management).

• Due diligence of an M&A opportunity for a leading bank in MENA (yc valo)
• Due Diligence of an M&A opportunity for a Southern European bank (yc valo)
Strategic due diligence for a PE fund interested in the education sector (K12)

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