In the face of an ever-changing global economy, public sector actors face significant challenges. Naos Consulting offers unique support for governments, public agencies and state institutions in the deployment of high-impact growth programmes, policy reforms and transformation programmes.

Examples of achievements :

• Defining sectoral growth strategies for governments or private professional federations:

  1. Country strategy for the revival of the textile sector (including sectoral incentive framework to be put in place) – Maghreb countries
  2. Support for the establishment of 20 high-impact industrial ecosystems for the Ministry of Industry in Morocco (automotive, offshoring, construction materials) including the definition of the respective commitments of the State and private stakeholders.
  3. Development strategy for a new industrial zone in a Region of Morocco
  4. Job creation strategy for young people – Maghreb countries

• Operational roll-out programme / deliveryunits

  1. Review of the organisation of the central administration for a Ministry of Higher Education and Research-Europe
  2. Deployment of a development program for a financial district in all its components (including incentives, real estate)

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